Sunday, April 23, 2017

Living on 5.5 with the fam

Most of the kids are back home again. Courtney came back after leaving Ecuador to start a new life and go back to college, Christina and her two girls, Frank, Manuela (his wife from Ecuador) and their son, and of course Nick is still with us and awaiting college in the fall. Ryan and his long-term girlfriend have moved up North where they are both teaching English.

We have goats (for dairy, eventually), chickens for eggs, dogs for protection and companionship and cats for mousers. We have been trying our hand at gardening, not doing to well, but we will continue to try. This year Frank and Christina will help. The property has an apple tree, peach trees, plum tree, elderberries, raspberries and blackberries. We are luck those don't need to much help. :)

Frank, Manuela, and Christina and planted some veggies for the spring, hope they do well.

Steve and I live in a THOF (Tiny House on Foundation), Frank and his family, Christina and hers, and Nick live in the Main house, and Courtney lives in a THOF also.

Steve stays busy working on projects on our farm, Windhorse Family Farm. I work as a Administrative Officer for a medical clinic, Courtney works a a college bookstore and goes to college, Frank works for a construction company, Christina just enrolled in college for the summer.

Hope  this catches everyone up for now.

Stay tuned...

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