Monday, May 30, 2011

41 days

With graduation over and family back to their homes. We can focus on the move. We have 41 days left until we leave and have so much to get done. Most but not all are in my control;

Both girls get jobs

Both girls get an apartment

Purge, Purge, and Purge

awaiting documents (proof of retirement pay)

Ed (our big baby dog) move to my dad and brothers house

Garage sale (for the items the girls don't want)
We are running out of time and I am worried everything won't get done. Today we measured the suitcases we have and they are about the right size and I am just wondering how I will fit my life into those two suitcases. Hmmm

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Airline Tickets Purchased

Last night after seeing airline fares rising for the flight from Atlanta to Quito, and having most of our paperwork either gathered or in the process of being completed, we decided to purchase our tickets. We saved $350 by flying from Atlanta to Guayaquill on a non-stop Delta flight. Fares had gone up over $100 per ticket, so when we found this offer we took the plunge. We leave Atlanta on July 11 at 5:45PM and arrive Guayaquill at 10:45PM, and made hotel reservations at the Hampton Inn for one night in Guayaquill. We will take a 3.5 hours van service to Cuenca the next day, and begin the task of finding an apartment/house.

We had only told family of our plans to move until the last couple of weeks, and begun telling friends, and my boss with the soccer club that I will not be back to coach next year. Besides our soccer activities and connections we do not have any close friends in Decatur, so leaving friends is not that hard for the three of us. It will be hard to leave our daughters behind, and our pets, but we will hopefully see them at Christmas in Cuenca.