Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today is a big game for soccer fans, Germany and USA will face off. I have taken a day of from work just to watch and I am sure so many others will. I am a loyal Germany fan since that it's my place of birth and I want the US team to win also since this is my home. I wish both teams the best of luck.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Catching up

March 2013 - I moved back to the US, stayed with our daughter Christina in Macon, GA.
April 11 - our daughter Christina marries Avery, he prepares to leave for the Army.
May 2013 - found a job, left the job in June.
July 2013 -  Our son Ryan and Melanie moved to Savannah. To teach at Savannah State University. Moved to Asheville, NC for a job at a VA Medical Center, worked in Enrollment and Eligibility.
August 2013 - Steve and Nick joined me. Nick goes to 10th grade biggest challenge, not knowing what classes would transfer. Most classes transferred can graduate ahead of schedule. Steve is adjusting to high prices at the stores, we really miss the open markets.
December 2013 - Missing Courtney and Frank in Cuenca. A new addition to the family is born, our first grandchild Laura-Ann, lovingly known as Dash. My grandma was there for the birth. We had five generations of us there. I received a promotion at work. Nick turns 16 and doesn't want a license.
January 2014 - Nick takes Spanish 3 honors and doesn't find it very challenging, his middle schools Spanish was harder.
March 2014 - Our son Frank marries a beautiful Ecuadorian, Manuela. Steve takes a job to get out of the house.
April 2014 - My dad ends up in the hospital again and it reminds us how short life is. Steve and I wonder what we are leaving behind for our family and our son Frank has talked about moving back to the US with his wife and son, so we are thinking about buying a home.
May 2014 - My grandma passed, so happy I got to see her when our granddaughter was born. Our first grandson is born Abdiel Ramses. Wish we could be there to see him and hold him.
June 2014 - Found a house that needs a lot of TLC on 5.2 beautiful acres.
Throughout this time we have continued to try to live simply, we have saved money for the renovations and we would like to share our journey with you on this next part of our life.