Tuesday, June 28, 2011

13 days

So, we have 13 days left. I am nervous about getting everything done in the timelines that we have. We moved our daughters out into an apartment, but there are still items in the old house that they must get.
We had a garage sale Saturday which went alright. We made $300. Not as many people as I had hoped, but we got rid of some of the bigger items. So, that's a plus. We posted the rest of the furniture items on Craigslist and I have sold one item and I am still waiting to sell a few more. I am sad that we couldn't find a home for the China cabinet and now we will let it go to who know where.
Paperwork: We had everything except for proof of my husbands retirement pay, which we sent out and never received back. So, now we are going to drive to Washington DC to get it done.

I am scared that there won't be a place for us to stay when we get to EC, but Steve doesn't seem worried. I feel it would be easier if we knew the language but I only know a few key words.

Today: Dr appointment for me, dental and shots for Nick. Run some errands. So much to do to get to that SIMPLE LIFE.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

19 Days!

Just a short blurb...
We have found an apartment for the girls! Yay! We are preparing for the Yard sale and move this weekend. We have to take Ed our big puppy to my brothers house 2 hrs south of ATL. So sad. We still haven't received our pay statement that we need for our Visa's. There is so much to do I can't keep track. We are off to get boxes today. Yippee! Maybe it will feel like were moving with everything in boxes.
One of our favorite blogs to read is https://southofzero.wordpress.com/ this blog summerizes other blogs, it is great, you can find some helpful information is these blogs to help prepare you for the transition.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

24 days and the pressure is mounting

Ugh not the way I want to start my day, fighting with my daughter Christina. Yesterday she mentioned a job interview for today which is great, but by 11 pm last night she didn't clarfiy with me a plan of action for today. So, this morning as she leaves the house she slams the door (unacceptable). She comes back in because she forgot something and I get on her for being stubborn and of course that leads to her raising her voice and leaving again to catch the MARTA. She mentioned that she's feeling tired and stressed and I wonder why she just won't talk with me.
The plan for the girls was for them to get jobs and a cheap apartment to live together so Christina can attend college in Atlanta and Courtney rather live here then TX, but that plan isn't coming together as it needed to. The hubby wants to help them get settled, but I worry we will put all of us in a situation that just won't work. Them needing financial support and us not being able to support them.
I don't feel as prepared as I think I should be. I still need a few things for the trip. We still have to have a garage sale (next weekend), missing a document (Steve's proof of retirement), girls not settled, I gave my notice and that went well. Need to contact the Doctors office to get my meds for the trip.
I am running out of time and I am feeling the stress.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

29 Days to Go

Susan and I went with our daughters to look at the apartment they like, and it is nice, but we need to make sure they can afford to get it. Courtney is working, but needs more hours, and Christina needs a job to help with expenses until she receives her college financial aid in September. All our planning now depends on our daughters, and the stress is increasing as the days count down. I placed several items on Craigslist they we hope to sell, and Susan is scanning in boxes and boxes of pictures we accumulated over the years. More to come as we get closer...

33 days!

So, we have 33 days to go! Today I am recovering from a minor surgery and as I lay here I am looking at all the stuff we have accumilated and wondering what we are doing with it all.
Steve wants me to work up to the July 2 and then we leave 11 July. If our daughters don't stay here in Atlanta I don't see that I can work up to 2 July because we must move out by 30 June. The pressure is definitely on.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

35 Days to go!

We woke up this morning with 35 days until we leave the USA. Susan and I spent yesterday buying clothes, and luggage for the three of us in preparation for our move. Our girls drove Nick to visit his friend in Warner Robins, GA (2 hours south), and spent the night there at Allen's (Susan's brother) house, and return this afternoon. Things left on our lists of purchases include a digital camera, walking shoes, some clothes, and carry-on luggage for the three of us. Courtney and Christina are still in search of jobs to be able to stay here in Decatur, and that is the most stressful issue we are dealing with right now. Today we need to list items to sell on Craigslist, and for our garage sale in two weeks. 

39 days to go!

Closer and closer we get to moving to Cuenca.
Steve started a job to make some extra money for the trip. I still haven't told my job because they aren't the nicest people, I am required to give them 2 weeks and I will.
I have a surgery scheduled mid June. Dental appts are scheduled for all and I need to review what immunizations are required.
Busy, Busy, Busy...
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