Thursday, June 16, 2011

24 days and the pressure is mounting

Ugh not the way I want to start my day, fighting with my daughter Christina. Yesterday she mentioned a job interview for today which is great, but by 11 pm last night she didn't clarfiy with me a plan of action for today. So, this morning as she leaves the house she slams the door (unacceptable). She comes back in because she forgot something and I get on her for being stubborn and of course that leads to her raising her voice and leaving again to catch the MARTA. She mentioned that she's feeling tired and stressed and I wonder why she just won't talk with me.
The plan for the girls was for them to get jobs and a cheap apartment to live together so Christina can attend college in Atlanta and Courtney rather live here then TX, but that plan isn't coming together as it needed to. The hubby wants to help them get settled, but I worry we will put all of us in a situation that just won't work. Them needing financial support and us not being able to support them.
I don't feel as prepared as I think I should be. I still need a few things for the trip. We still have to have a garage sale (next weekend), missing a document (Steve's proof of retirement), girls not settled, I gave my notice and that went well. Need to contact the Doctors office to get my meds for the trip.
I am running out of time and I am feeling the stress.

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