Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 3 Reasons I love Cuenca!

#1 I get to spend time with our youngest son and my hubby
In our previous life there was never time for us at least that is how it felt. We were always on the go, working, running to soccer practices and coaching. It never felt like we had tome to enjoy each other, but here we do. Sure Monday thru Friday Steven runs Moca for a few hours in the morning, and during that time I am getting to spend quality time with Nick as he does his online classes. We walk most places, so we get to talk, and just share things more often, and with a lot less stress.

#2 Fresh produce everywhere
We can get fresh produce any day of the week and it is CHEAP! I love the availability of all the fresh produce. I won't lie to you I don't know how to cook most of it, but I am learning. At first we thought it was all locally grown, but when I saw grapes in a USA package I asked the lady and she said that it was from the USA. "Strange" I thought, "I am in Ecuador and I can eat grapes from the USA." Shopping at the local markets is enjoyable, and you tend to look forward to the shopping trips here rather than dreading them as I did in Atlanta.

#3 The weather
The last place we lived was Atlanta, Georgia, and its' nickname is "Hotlanta". In the 7 months that we have been living in Cuenca, I haven't had any hot days that ever felt like those summer days in Atlanta, and I am SO grateful. I will tell you that I have been chilly and thats when I just grab my thick socks and a sweatshirt and I am good. It's usually when I am just sitting around the house that I feel a little chilly, but Steven and Nick they can wear shorts and short sleeves most of the time. Atlanta has wet winters, and springs, so the rain we have been experiencing here isn't anything unusual, and at least we haven't had any tornado warnings or woken up to ice covered sidewalks and streets.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Restaurant for us

Where we used to live we knew what was around us and where our favorite places to get certain items where, but we've moved now to a different area. So we must find new places.
Tucked away off of Solano is a little sandwich place called Top Sandwich Market. The owner Jose Luis speaks Spanish, English and Germany. He is from a nice guy. The great thing about this restaurant at least for our son is they have Bratwurst and it is great! (according to Nick), I am a vegetarian so I won't be able to judge that, but I can tell you by the smile on his face while eating it, it must have been good. I liked the fries and the potato salad was pretty good too.
Top Sanwich Market serves; hot dogs, Pita's, fries, German potato salad and so much more.
If you are ever in the area of Solano by Crespo look for the Primax (gas station) and a little down the street on Remigio Tamariz you will find it. It is right next to the Boom travel office. Across from Villa San Carlos.They have indoor and outdoor seating.
We also found a nice little store that we call the commisary, I never remember the actual name of it but it is great when I don't want to cross Solano and walk around the stadium to Supermaxi. Now, if I could just find a good bakery near here. Any suggestions?

Monday, February 20, 2012

New apartment

We have moved to our new apartment. We had more stuff then I thought a person could accumulate after only 7 months, I think it just multiplies.

On our second day here while sitting out on the balcony I looked up and noticed a rainbow in the sky. Normally the rainbows that I've seen the ends seem to touch the ground but not this one it was circling the sun. It was very beautiful and it made me happy about all the things I do have in my life.

Steve had to take a new way to Moca, which seems to be working out well.

Nick had to learn how to take the bus on his own. He and I set out to learn which busses to take. We found that he would need to take 2 busses to get there and we would have him take a taxi home from there. Save a little bit of money. So the next day he went out on his own to catch the bus. I thought he had caught the bus then all of the sudden I heard someone at the door. I thought it was Steve returning home, but it wasn't. It was Nick he was so upset. He had waited for the bus and saw several with the same number that he needed but none with the appropriate title on the top. He finally got on one after four busses went by and then the bus driver was able to communicate that he was going the opposite direction then the way Nick need to go. He was very upset. So he calmed down and we both headed down to find the bus on another street that won't have the same bus going to two different places. Now it was my turn to get upset.

We were looking for the bus stop and kept walking until we could find when all of the sudden there was our bus. I flagged him down in normal Cuencano fashion (we ride the bus often so we know how it's done), but he wouldn't open his door. He had stopped because of the traffic but he wouldn't let us on. Ugh! I understand we weren't at a marked stop but that was never a problem before but this driver was not interested in letting us on. So, we walked and found the next stop and we waited and we waited and finally the bus came. Nick and I rode together to the next stop and there he and I went our seperate ways. Steve was waiting for me across the street at the stop going towards home so we could ride together and Nick was waiting for the next bus to get him to spanish. At that moment rain started to downpour. I felt so bad that Nick was waiting on a street corner and Steve and I were waiting at a covered stop. Oh, did I feel like a bad mom, but I must remember he is fourteen and he can do it. He had his rain protectant jacket on...

In the next few months we will try to design/find furniture that we want built and get what we want. We are currently borrowing our friend Trish's excess stuff that she brought over in her container.