Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Restaurant for us

Where we used to live we knew what was around us and where our favorite places to get certain items where, but we've moved now to a different area. So we must find new places.
Tucked away off of Solano is a little sandwich place called Top Sandwich Market. The owner Jose Luis speaks Spanish, English and Germany. He is from a nice guy. The great thing about this restaurant at least for our son is they have Bratwurst and it is great! (according to Nick), I am a vegetarian so I won't be able to judge that, but I can tell you by the smile on his face while eating it, it must have been good. I liked the fries and the potato salad was pretty good too.
Top Sanwich Market serves; hot dogs, Pita's, fries, German potato salad and so much more.
If you are ever in the area of Solano by Crespo look for the Primax (gas station) and a little down the street on Remigio Tamariz you will find it. It is right next to the Boom travel office. Across from Villa San Carlos.They have indoor and outdoor seating.
We also found a nice little store that we call the commisary, I never remember the actual name of it but it is great when I don't want to cross Solano and walk around the stadium to Supermaxi. Now, if I could just find a good bakery near here. Any suggestions?

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  1. Susan, there is a pretty good bread place on Remigio Crespo named Colpan. It is on the right hand side near Loja. I don't know if that is close enough to you. Where are you all living now? You are much closer to us now. Sue Woods