Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 3 Reasons I love Cuenca!

#1 I get to spend time with our youngest son and my hubby
In our previous life there was never time for us at least that is how it felt. We were always on the go, working, running to soccer practices and coaching. It never felt like we had tome to enjoy each other, but here we do. Sure Monday thru Friday Steven runs Moca for a few hours in the morning, and during that time I am getting to spend quality time with Nick as he does his online classes. We walk most places, so we get to talk, and just share things more often, and with a lot less stress.

#2 Fresh produce everywhere
We can get fresh produce any day of the week and it is CHEAP! I love the availability of all the fresh produce. I won't lie to you I don't know how to cook most of it, but I am learning. At first we thought it was all locally grown, but when I saw grapes in a USA package I asked the lady and she said that it was from the USA. "Strange" I thought, "I am in Ecuador and I can eat grapes from the USA." Shopping at the local markets is enjoyable, and you tend to look forward to the shopping trips here rather than dreading them as I did in Atlanta.

#3 The weather
The last place we lived was Atlanta, Georgia, and its' nickname is "Hotlanta". In the 7 months that we have been living in Cuenca, I haven't had any hot days that ever felt like those summer days in Atlanta, and I am SO grateful. I will tell you that I have been chilly and thats when I just grab my thick socks and a sweatshirt and I am good. It's usually when I am just sitting around the house that I feel a little chilly, but Steven and Nick they can wear shorts and short sleeves most of the time. Atlanta has wet winters, and springs, so the rain we have been experiencing here isn't anything unusual, and at least we haven't had any tornado warnings or woken up to ice covered sidewalks and streets.

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