Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spanish classes and more

I just finished my second week of spanish school at Amauta. At first I enjoyed the classes and it gave me something to do. Lately, the classes have been getting harder for me. I have never been very good at memorizing and without being able to use everything I learn on a daily basis it just doesn't stick. So, now it is starting to feel more like a task to go to class. I need to find a better way to look at it because I really want to learn spanish. It depresses me not being able to talk to the locals. I feel bad when someone says something to me and I haven't a clue what they said.
Nick just finished his third week at Amauta and he has one full week left before he starts school at Santana an all spanish high school. I hope he is catching on. I know it will be better for him when he starts high school because he will get to use what he learned at Amauta.
My teacher is Lorena and his is Gaby. Lorena is from Cuenca and has visited the states as a foreign exchange student so she speaks english also. Gaby doesn't speak english at all.

Talking about school starting, Nick starts school on 7 Sept. There is so much to do before then. We have to buy school supplies, my friend Trish spent around $125. for her 6th graders supplies and we have to buy uniforms I believe she spent around $265 for her son. I am not looking forward to these costs, but it's for a good reason our son. Nick still has to take the placement test which they are supposed to call tomorrow to set them up and we have to talk individually to the school psyschologist still.

Well tomorrow starts a new week with lots to get done. Our landlady Martha wants to come by every morning at 8 to help us with our spanish and work on her English. Must buy school supplies, uniforms and get set up for Nicks testing. I hope everyone has a great week and we will try to write sooner than later. ~Susan

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