Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Goals in Cuenca

We have been here over 10 months now and I still don't know where certain places are or where to get certain things done.
We have also made a new friend who has interests in knitting and I have no clue where those types of stores are so this week I have some new things to do.
According to
There are three main obstacles that make goals hard to achieve; stress, our subconscious, and emotional addiction.
I know stress makes it hard for me to achieve my goals at times. I stress about my spanish communication skills which in turn makes it difficult for me to go out and look for the things I want. What obstacles are in your way?

Five goals for me this week
  1. Find knitting stores for my friend
  2. Find someone to make a few wood projects for me and my friend (step stool, meditation stool and an over the sink shelf)
  3. Find someone who can make me a cushion for the meditation stool and maybe one to go under it (helps with my ankles)
  4. Find a copy place to make color copies for my meditation group
  5. Find low cost sturdy furniture for my friend (maybe a bed frame for me)
I have a general idea of where to look, El Centro :), but I usually don't have the patience to look for places on my own but Steve has been busy at Moca so I must do it.

Wish me luck as I attempt these goals!


  1. Hi Susan,
    Have you met up with the frugal family yet? They make all of their own furniture and I'm sure they could help you out. Their blog is

  2. Hi Susan,
    Try this wonderful yarn store:
    Distribuidora Barrera,
    Av.Luis Moreno Y Francisco Moscoso
    The owner, Patricia Barrera, is a wonderful woman who is very helpful and speaks English!
    Another place, in El Centro, is Hilandesa. Their website:
    They have two stores right next to each other with a great selection.
    Hope this helps with your goals for the week :)