Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friends trip to the emergency room

Guest Post
Hello. My name is Marsha. I am a 60 something retiree who moved from Florida to Cuenca Ecuador seven weeks ago. I have arthritis in both knees and thought it wise to bring a walker with me. In the States I used electric carts in the stores to shop. There is only one store that I know of Supermaxi that has one. So my walker has been great.

Last night I went to bed and felt a considerable amount of pain in my left knee. The pain kept me up all night and by morning I could barely walk with my walker. Not good. With much ado, I got dressed and called for a taxi. The security guard at my condo complex was very helpful as well as the taxi driver. Getting in the taxi with a knee that does not want to bend is challenging.

I called Steven as I knew Susan was out at that hour. Steven and their daughter Courtney met me at the hospital. Susan was not far behind.

I went to Monte Sinai via emergency. The emergency room was clean and quiet. The nurse got my name, address and phone number and asked if I had any money. I gave her my credit card and it was good. Thank goodness I speak some Spanish. The female doctor got my history. Then it was decided to call Eddie who is fluent in Spanish and we had a three way conversation.

The doctor said she was a general practitioner and asked if I wanted a specialist. No. Not at this time. I was given a shot for pain and then had x-rays taken of my knee,

The diagnosis was bone on bone. Ugh. The doctor called an orthopedic specialist who showed up within 20 minutes. I started explaining what happened in Spanish and then he asked if I spoke English. Yes. The remainder of the conversation was in English. Yes! He explained my situation and was very kind. I have a follow up visit with him in a few days.

When it came time to pay my bill, I did so in cash..not with my credit card. The emergency room, pain shot, x-rays, exam by two doctors came to $92! Susan and Steven then got my 2 prescriptions filled for $10. As a retired nurse I know I received good medical care. I was seen in a timely fashion and treated well.

Hopefully not, but should I require further medical care here, I will go without qualms. The same care in the U.S. would have taken much longer and certainly would have cost much more.

Thank you Marsha for the guest post.

I also wanted to let you all know that with a Supermaxi card at Monte Siani you get a 10% and 5% discount on some services.


  1. I thought Mt. Siani was great when Randy was sick in 2008. Glad to know the service is still good! Also nice to know about the Supermaxi card.. who would think a grocery store card would get you a discount at the Hospital! :>)

    1. More reasons to love our home even more. Right Karen?

  2. Thank you Marsha. Guess I'll apply for a Supermaxi card when I return.

    Best wishes with that knee.

  3. Hello Marsha,

    So glad you're feeling better. My husband also had problems getting into cabs because his knees don't bend that well either. (He's had both knees replaced.)

    Please let us know if there's anything we can help you with. We have a car now so it's easier to get around town. We're also involved in the Welcome Center in Cuenca (at the Chamber of Commerce), so we would really like to help you out, if you need assistance.

    1. Patty,

      Thank you for your offer. I am truly blessed to be new in town (8 weeks come Friday) and have folks so willing to help me out. Buses are out of the question but I do manage well with taxis and my walker. If you are on FB perhaps you can friend me.

      Also info regarding the Welcome Center and the Chamber of Commerce would be good.