Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The holidays have almost gone, phew. It seems hard to save money during the holidays. We didn't do too bad I had a coupon for a free meal one night we just added a couple salads and made in dinner for five with drinks around 7.00, just goes to show you it pays to read your receipts clearly. :o)
My daughters 18th bday is fast approaching, I know she wants a laptop or a car but we just can't afford those items. I will have to come up with something.
I got a job and will start on Monday just in time seeing how the hubby's job ends this Friday. It will be over $800 less a month then we get now. I am scared out of my mind he thinks we will be fine but I just don't see how. I have cut all the bills back, deferred all student loans. I try to buy cheap meals and we don't drive unless we have too. Hopefully the job will keep me busy and the hubby will control the books well.
I am going to challenge myself to write a letter/post card a week for 52 weeks. Wish me luck. In case I am not back Happy New Year!

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