Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today is my fourth week of being unemployed by choice, and I need to get moving before I become a couch potato. The YMCA is nearby, so the plan is to try to make it there at least 3 times a week to get myself in better shape by losing 20-25 pounds this year. I am trying to continue Susan's money-saving ideas, and it will take a month or so to see how I do.

When I was working, I discovered Cuenca, Ecuador on some blogs as an affordable, and interesting place to retire on my pension. Susan and I had several discussions, or out-loud dreams about retiring early since neither of us have any career goals remaining to drive us to deal with the stress of working for others. Now with our second youngest Christina graduating form high school this May, it leaves Nickolas, our 13 year old, as the only child at home. We quit talking about Cuenca, because we hadn't really decided to move, and there was no reason to upset Nickolas if we were not actually committed to the idea. Recently, Susan has been mentioning Cuenca again, so I have spent the last few days revisiting blogs, creating a Cuenca budget, and thinking now is the time to make the move. So, over the next few days I plan to openly discuss with Nickolas the idea of actually moving this summer, and address any fear he, or we may have of making another move. More to come...

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