Thursday, February 3, 2011

Looking to Cuenca

At 52, I am tired of working just to work. I don't need anything that a job provides, no new car, no new furniture, or any new headaches. More money will not bring me more happiness. I have done some unique, and fulfilling things in my professional career, and nothing I do from now on professionally can top what I have already accomplished. So, what do you do at 52 if you are not interested in working any longer? Move to Ecuador!

Yes, move to the third largest city in Ecuador. Life is what I want to experience and enjoy, and to share with my beautiful wife, and our youngest son. Downsize once again, and this time to two suitcases each, and set flight to a new adventure in Cuenca, Ecuador. We are planning on getting our eldest daughter Courtney, and youngest daughter Christina settled into an apartment here in Decatur, and letting them use what they want of our furniture, and then sell the excess. Christina graduates high school in late May 2011, so we are targeting late July-early August as our date of departure. We will update the blog as we go through the process of getting everything ready to go.  

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