Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gathering Documents for Visa

We received a reply from a highly recommended Immigration Attorney in Quito, Ecuador on what the exact requirements are to obtain our Pensioner Visa. So, today I have begun the process of gathering all the required documents, and I hope to have everything ready to send before the end of the month. The process takes 80 days from the date the Visa application is submitted, so my goal it to receive it by June 15th. Below are the items we need to get started.

1. Proof of Pension of $800 monthly, plus $100 for each additional person - Legalized by Ecuadoran Consulate
2. Birth Certificate for minor children - apostille or legalized by Ecuadoran Consulate
3. Marriage License - apostille or legalized by Ecuadoran Consulate
4. 2 Copies of Passport, and 2 Passport size photos for each person.
5. Visa Application forms
6. $350 per person for the Visa

Our plan is to get everything we can done before we leave in late July. More to come.

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