Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 Days to Go

Today is the day to get a new tire for Susan's Civic Hybrid that we are leaving for Christina. Well, as things work with us, instead of one tire, we needed three tires and an alignment. Additionally, the catalytic converter is bad, and need replacing. I budgeted $150 for car repairs, but instead we are looking at $1500! Nothing like the last minute surprises to add a little stress to your life. We are leaving tonight to drive to Washington, D.C., because I never received documents that required an apostille by the US State Department. It has been over two months, and I have left phone messages, and sent numerous emails requesting status, but no reply. Today's experiences reinforce my desire to leave the USA. Poor customer service and dedication to one's job is the exception in the USA instead of the norm. Automobiles are expensive to maintain, and depersonalize our movements through society. We hide behind glass encased vehicles, park in enclosed garages, and enter our houses from the back or the garage. Most front doors in America are no longer used, because we do not participate in society as our parents did. If we gain anything from our move to Cuenca, is I hope we are move involved in the world around us.

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