Monday, July 11, 2011

Leaving USA...

We leave in less than 5 hours for Ecuador, and we are still packing, and scrambling to get our daughters settled. Stressful, but not too bad since everyone is helping, and the realization of our move is sitting in finally. Said our goodbyes to family and friends, and our next post will be from Ecuador. Everyone be safe.



  1. Welcome to Ecuador! You are going to feel busy for the first little while but it DOES slow down. We moved to Cuenca 3 years ago and totally love the easy, laid back lifestyle.

    There are so many helpful and nice people (both Ecuadorians and Gringos) in Cuenca and the rest of Ecuador. Don't worry - you'll be alright.

    One word of warning though, be prepared for have a day or several days of thinking to yourself "oh my gosh, WHAT have we done?? WHAT were we thinking??" But rest assured those feelings pass!
    All the best to you as you settle in!