Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another meeting at Santana

On Monday we had another meeting at Nick's school to see if they can challenge him. The were very nice and polite and really insistant on Nick staying at Santana. The are always nice. They feel we aren't giving it enough time but we aren't asking for him to be fluent in spanish we are asking for them to challenge him, to give him hoomework, and to give him school work.

We've given them the rest of December to see if they can try to treat Nick as a normal student and not just ignore him. They are to fill out his agenda according to our meeting. I really want this to work. I don't want to homeschool him. I want Nick to be around other children his age. I guess we will see what Nick will be doing in the new year.

On another note...

Nick's birthday is in 8 days and Christmas in 24 days. I've asked Nick if he wants a party or have friends over but he said "no". I feel bad that the package his uncle sent him was returned to the states for having food in it and no letter from the food ministry (or something like that). Allen sent Nick his favorite chocolate (Reese's Cups)which cannot be bought here in Cuenca and some video games. Well, I must figure out what to do for him.


  1. Having volunteered at a local children's foundation in Cuenca for the past 2 years I feel that no school is going to challenge Nick. The educational system is here is very mediocre and so are the teachers. The emphasis is on repetition and I am afraid they do not teach study habits or heaven forbid, thinking independently. There is very little that is taught about science and math. I know you do not want to homeschool Nick but my opinion is that it may be the only good solution. He will need activities with other children and he does need to learn Spanish.

  2. This gal is coming to Cuenca in Dec. and has offered to bring small items for us. You might try asking her to bring the Reese's. Good luck!

  3. Pat and I are in the States for the holidays. We will bring some Reese's Cups for Nick when we come back on Jan. 1st. Will get in touch when we return. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Sue

  4. hi that is so strange that the package was sent back i send chocolates to my grandson all the time i dont need a letter so weird never had a problem i send sees candyes the last time and all kinds of other chocolates