Saturday, December 24, 2011

Preparing for a holiday without the whole family

Tomorrow is Christmas and this will be the first without most of the children. It will be the first without Christina the 2nd without Frank and Ryan and Courtney have rotated Christmas' with us and Christmas in San Antonio with their Mom and grandparents.

Tonight we have a private party at Moca Cafe Bar with few of our close friends. I have baked an apple pie for all and a single serving apple pie without sugar for our friend Bob O. I also made some chocolate peanut butter fudge. I am excited to see everyone tonight and looking forward to having some deviled eggs, Trish is bringing them.

Nick's last day of school was 15 Dec and since then he has been going to Moca everyday and working on writing in spanish and goes to see Josh 2 hrs a day for spanish. He hasn't really complained, so that is great. Next year we will be starting him on some online class work.
Steve and Bill have started an emarketing business to help small businesses in Cuenca get online for cheap and work with some of the professionals to get better email addresses using Outlook. Who wants to email their doctor at hotmail or yahoo???

I have been upset this week about not having the kids her for the holidays so I will be the first to admit to you it is HARD being away from your family especially during the holidays. Last night I tried to think of a way to live back in the US without having to find a GOOD job, but with todays economy I don't think it would be possible and really even if we moved there would we really be able to see the children as often as I want? NOPE They all live in too many places. Ry in Illinois, Frank in Texas and the girls in Georgia. I think I will talk them all into moving here?

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